Day #?

Hey there Yogis,

So as you may have noticed, there’s been a distinct lack of action on this blog. I’ve gotten caught up in work and my personal life and I haven’t really dedicated my time to a set yoga routine. That being said, I know that I’ve been doing it. I find myself naturally going through some basic poses on a regular basis, but I wasn’t sure how to explain that to my blog. It’s easier to just post a link to a video and say “hey this is what I did” but I feel like it might be cheating to go “I did some yoga stretches today – go me!”

An unexpected (but totally foreseeable) issue with committing myself to a blog like this is that I’m finding myself more worried about reader response than my own personal relationship with yoga. I worry about repeating sets because I don’t want readers to think I’m in a yoga rut or I just avoid my blog altogether out of guilt over my lack of standard, video-led yoga. I’m not deleting this blog at all, but I wanted to address what I think has been troubling me as I’ve tried to keep up my practice. I do want to start posting again about my sessions, and I want to start regular sessions period, but I don’t know if I’ll have many daily posts. To clarify, I will still aspire to do daily stretches, but my updates may be less frequent. Ideally no fewer than one a week to recap the week’s yoga. This is all sort of in flux though, so I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Day #7

Today was the definition of “I tried my best.”

I started the 30 Day Challenge videos led by Erin Motz back in January and realized I needed to get through the ab set that had been holding me back. I’ll be brutally honest; there was no way in hell I had the muscles to hoist into those plans and side planks. But I did the best I could and stretched those muscles following along in my own very, very n00bish way and I feel it in my body. As always, I have that great sense of accomplishment for getting off my butt and onto the mat and while I’ve got a very busy work week facing me, I really want to get the yoga in every day.

Here’s hoping!

Day #5

Today was the day of cleaning and I considered skipping yoga until I realized I had an hour and a half til the day was over and I refused to spend that time sitting around wishing I’d accomplished more. My apartment looks fabulous, my clothes are drying, and I am squeaky clean and yoga’d!

I’ve linked this post before I’m fairly certain, or at least referenced it, but here it is again because it really is great for when you want to get some yoga in but don’t have a lot of time.